Property Owner Benefits

Services we cover:

  • Tenant Screening
  • Direct Deposits
  • Qualified Collection Services
  • Multiple Rent Payment Options
  • Qualified Maintenance Vendors

Does your property need some work before you can rent it out? We can help. We only use bonded and insured vendors who meet our performance standards and can help remodel and repair before renting.

Property Investors

Make your money work for you with investment properties from Schuster Property Management. Our staff will provide you with opportunities to invest in residential properties that are a perfect fit for you. We consult with you to determine your criteria and budget. Then, we take it from there to locate desirable properties in the area for your consideration. Reach out to us here and include your name, contact information, and budget to get the process started.

Maintain your property with the help of Schuster Property Management in Dallas, Texas. We manage single and multifamily units and strive to foster a good working relationship with each tenant. Our staff of professionals is trained to handle inspections and repairs to prepare for a rental. We are able to screen tenants and ensure that your property is taken care of. Each screening includes a background check and credit check of each tenant. All accounting functions and screenings are performed by our licnesed real estate broker who is dedicated to keeping your property maintained for minimal costs.

  • 30+ years of professional experience in property management, overseeing rental properties and sales from single to multi-family units.
  • Work with all types of property organizations and structures.
  • Seasoned veteran on how to market your property for top rent.
  • Experienced on methods to locate, interview and sign quality tenants.
  • Solid results when dealing with multiple parties such as realtors, developers, HOA management companies, banks & investor institutions.
  • Superior negotation skills when dealing with vendors to receive best services.
  • Ability to mediate and resolve customer disputes with full win-win resolutions.
  • Preventative maintenance philosophy and list of preferred repairmen.